• COMPANY: DOT40 LLC       
  • CAGE: 7WP48                                                   
  • DUNS: 080747865                                                        
  • NAICS: 236210, 315210, 315990, 321991, 332439, 332992, 332994, 333314, 333413, 333991, 333999, 334513, 336999, 339920, 423450, 423490, 423840, 423850, 423910, 423990, 561499, 922160
  • POC: Pablo Staniszewski
  • PH: 786-683-1551
  • Email: info@dot40.net
  • Website: www.dot40.net


  • DOT40 LLC goal is to provide to their customers the best quality level, on-time delivery and competitive pricing combining innovation with hands-on, technical knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver value for every project. 


  • DOT40 LLC possesses 15 years of comprehensive and accumulative experience and it is the responsible source for the Federal and Local Government Agencies. Headquartered in Broward County, Florida, USA, DOT40 LLC specializes in the procurement of tactical, safety equipment, sporting goods, security, special operations supplies, firearms, ammunitions and is in-place and ready to successfully execute the requirements on daily basis. DOT40 LLC is well positioned with a variety of distributors and suppliers to being able to increase deliveries of the various equipment and supplies that should the need arise. DOT40 LLC also understands the importance of suppliers in supporting our achievement of customer satisfaction. To ensure that necessary supplies are on hand and meet our quality standards and criteria, DOT40 LLC have implemented a strong supplier management program. This program ensures purchased products are continuously improving and conform to minimums specified requirements. An extensive list of procedures pertaining to purchasing, product identification and traceability, process control, receiving and product inspections contribute to ensuring that the proper products are purchased.


  • Contractor Name: Davie Police Department, Florida - Description: Sig Sauer 9mm 21 Round Magazines - Contract Number: ITQ-JZ-18-110
  • Contractor Name: DLA Land & Maritime - Description: Mag. Tube Cap – Components - NSN: 1005-01-623-2727 - Contract Number: SPE7L4-19-P-0095
  • Contractor Name: DLA Land & Maritime - Description: Mag. Spec Slip Clutch - NSN: 1005-00-450-7297 - Contract Number: SPE7L4-19-P-0283
  • Contractor Name: Dan Enterprises Team LLC - Description: Emergency Equipment and Supplies – Patrol ready bag, 5.11 CAMS 2.0 - Contract Number: PO 230
  • Contractor Name: International Fire Department - Argentina - Description: Tactical Equipment – Boots, gloves, goggles, among others. - Contract Number: INV 0176
  • ATF Type 08 - Broker & Importer
  • SOT License Class 2
  • US. Dep. of State Broker Registration
  • US. Dep. of State Export Registration
  • ITAR Registered
  • Accept Credit Cards and Purchase Cards

DOT40 LLC is in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.